Section 1. This Lodge shall be known as the Friendship Lodge, Local #846 of the lnternational Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.  The Lodge and its members shall be governed by these bylaws and the IAM Constitution.


Section 1.

The regular meeting of this lodge shall be held on the last Tuesday of each month at 2:30 p.m., 1120 Benfield Blvd., Suite E, Millersville, MD 21108, except when the meeting date falls on a generally recognized holiday, in which event a substitute day of meeting shall be set at the preceding meeting.

Section 2. 

When events such as the Grand Lodge Convention occur during the same week as the Local Lodge meeting, it may be necessary to move the regular monthly meeting to a new date within the month. The new date shall be posted on all shop bulletin boards and announced at the previous monthly meeting. This change requires approval by the Executive Board.

Section 3. 

At a regular meeting, a quorum of members qualified to transact the business of the Lodge shall be determined by the minimum limits as stated in the l.A.M. Constitution.

Section 4. 

ln any instance when Local Lodge Officers are required to take time off in order to attend meetings of the Lodge, such Officers shall be compensated at their regular rate for the time actually lost provided they are in attendance at the meeting in its entirety and upon a properly presented statement to the Local Lodge.

(a) Special meetings shall be called and conducted by the President as set forth in the IAM Constitution.

(b) Members shall be notified by shop bulletin or other appropriate method at least forty-eight (48) hours before the special meeting is to be held.


Section 1.

The monthly dues of this Lodge shall be a uniform rate equal to the Grand Lodge per capita tax plus the highest District Lodge per capita tax plus $7.00 plus $1.00 per member to be used to affiliate with the Metropolitan Baltimore AFL-CIO and all other affiliates.

Section 2. 

Any increases to the per capita or assessments approved by the Grand Lodge or District Lodges will be added to the Local Lodge dues structure.  

Section 3. 

The initiation fee of this lodge shall be $200.00 for all members. The reinstatement fee shall be $200.00 for all members. These fees may be paid in three (3) equal payments, provided that the full fee is paid prior to the time applications are acted upon.

Section 4. 

The Local shall pay the unemployment stamp for members not receiving full pay due to sick or who has been disabled. Elected officers must pay full dues to be in compliance with the IAM Constitution.


Section 1.

All monies shall be kept in a federally insured bank designated by the lodge. The Secretary-Treasurer shall draw from same by vote of the lodge as provided for in Section 2 of this article.

Section 2. 

The funds of this lodge shall be drawn only by a majority vote at a regular meeting on a voucher signed by the President and Recording Secretary. The money shall be drawn by check signed by the Secretary-Treasurer and countersigned by the President or in his or her absence the Vice President.

Section 3. 

Unless at least seven (7) calendar days' notice, by bulletin board or other use, has been given the membership, no motion shall be in order to appropriate more than $1000.00 for any purpose, except (1) per capita tax and ordinary bills which are generally in excess of this amount, and (2) strike assistance to Sister IAM lodges, in which case not more than $250.00 may be voted without the seven (7) days' notice.

The Executive Board will have the authority to authorize expenditures not to exceed $1 ,000.00 that may fall between regular meetings. The membership shall be advised of such at the next regular meeting. A two thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board shall be required to authorize such an expenditure. 

Section 4. 

The Lodge may vote donations to Sister Lodges of the IAM for strike purposes on the recommendation of the Executive Board and a majority vote by the members present.

Section 5. 

To transfer funds from the savings account to the checking account, it shall require a majority vote of those present at a regular meeting and in accordance with Section 2 of this article.

The funds shall be drawn from the savings account only by two (2) weeks' notice on all bulletin boards and a two thirds (213) majority vote of those present at a regular meeting or special meeting and in accordance with Section 3 of this article.

Section 6. 

A minimum of $1 .50 per member shall be deposited semi-annually into the savings account.

Section 7. 

No motion to appropriate lodge funds shall be in order in any meeting of this lodge if made later than two (2) hours after the regular starting hour of the meeting.


Section 1. 

The election of Officers, Committee Chairpersons and Committee members shall be held at the regular meeting in October following nominations in the month of September.  Elections shall be held every three (3) years in accordance with the IAM Constitution for the Local Lodge Officers.

No member shall hold or run for office, delegate to any convention or standing committee unless his dues are paid up in accordance with the requirements of the IAM Constitution.

Persons nominated for election in the Lodge during their absence shall be notified by the Recording Secretary in writing, and if said person wishes to decline the nomination, he/she must do so in writing fifteen (15) days prior to election and present same to the Recording Secretary,

Elections shall be held at the Lodge's regular meeting, unless other arrangements are requested by the Lodge and approved by the lnternational President.

Section 2. 

No member shall be eligible for office, Grievance Committee member, Chief Steward or to serve as a delegate to any convention, conference, or meeting, who has not been a member of this Association and Lodge for one (1 ) year or longer and has not attended at least fifty percent (50%) of all regular Lodge meetings held during the 12 month period ending the date of the close of nominations and who has not worked actively at the trade the year preceding his nomination to office or delegation. Members who were or are serving as fulltime representatives or officers of the Local, District or Grand Lodge will be exempt. Members who are unable to attend monthly local lodge meetings must be excused prior to the meeting in accordance with Article B of the IAM Constitution. lf there is any controversy to the excuse being proper the Executive Board will make final decision.

Section 3. 

A candidate receiving the highest vote shall be declared elected for any office or position.

Section 4. 

Nominations shall be held at the regular meeting in September of the election year. The polls shall remain open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

The installation of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in January following election.

(a) The candidate for local lodge office and local committee receiving the plurality of the vote shall be declared elected.

(b) An elected office in this lodge will be defined as only those members elected by the total lodge membership. A member cannot run for or hold more than one (1) elected office in this lodge.

Section 5. 

Election notices shall be on all bulletin boards at least two (2) weeks prior to such election.

(a) Absentee ballots shall be issued in accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Section 6.

For mailed ballots to be counted, the ballot envelope shall be received not later than the closing time of the polls specified in the notice of election.


Section 1. 

The individual duties of the Shop Steward or Grievance Committee shall be as follows:

(a) Make certain the contract between the union and the company is not being violated and the members of his or her department are not being discriminated against.

(b) Contact immediately all new employees entering his department to ascertain their status in or standing toward this Association.

(c) Be responsible for the organization work in his or her department under the direction of the President.

(d) Upon request of the Secretary-Treasurer, notify all members who become two (2) months in arrears.

(e) Administer all grievances between the members of his or her department and the company in compliance with the contract between  the union and the company.

(f) Keep a record of each member under his or her jurisdiction to name, address, all seniority dates, and any other information deemed

(g) With the language provide a copy of all grievances to the local lodges Recording Secretary to go in grievances file.

Section 2. 

An alternate shall take over the duties of the Shop Steward or the Grievance Committee in case of his or her absence or vacancy.

Section 3. 

Stewards and Grievance Committee shall be elected from and by members in each designated shift or work setup of the shop in which they work. lf the members fail to elect a Steward and Grievance Committee; the committee chairperson shall appoint this Steward and Grievance Committee. lf there is not a committee chairperson available, then the Lodge President, with the assistance of the District Lodge, shall appoint the Steward and Grievance Committee.


Section 1.

These committees shall be the regular standing committees of this Lodge, and shall be appointed by the President of the Lodge at the first regular meeting in January of each year, except as herein provided for.


Section 1.

President's Duties: ln accordance with the IAM Constitution.

(a) The President shall keep the Vice President informed at all

Vice President's Duties: ln accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Recording Secretary's Duties: ln accordance with the IAM Constitution

(a) The Recording Secretary shall keep a complete record of all business transactions of this lodge in a minute book and shall also keep a special book herein he/she shall inscribe all resolutions of policy or amendments of these bylaws adopted by the lodge. He/She shall show these records to any member in good standing who requests to see them.

(b) He/She shall keep a record of all initiations and reinstatements showing the exact conditions of each applicant when reported on and when elected or rejected.

(c) He/She shall notify all members by shop bulletin board of all special meetings at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of such meetings.

Section 4.

Conductor/Sentinel Duties: !n accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Section 5.

Officers' Duties: All officers of this lodge, at the expiration of their term of office, or in case of removal or resignation, shall turn over to their successors in office all books, papers, vouchers, funds or other property belonging to the lodge within three (3) days.

Section 6. 

  ln the event any officer of this lodge absents himself or herself from three (3) regular lodge meetings in a twelve (12) month period without being excused therefor, and if there is no controversy as to the refusal to excuse being proper, such officer shall be deemed to have resigned his/her office. The vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the presiding officer on a pro temp basis for that period reasonably required to bring about the nomination and election of a successor.

(a) Should such officer contend the refusal to excuse him for such absence is improper, the presiding officer shall prefer charges against him, charging conduct unbecoming an officer on the basis of his absence without excuse found acceptable to the lodge, and he shall be tried in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM Constitution.

Section 7. 

All vacancies of offices between elections covering officers, Executive Board members, shop committee members, and delegates shall be filled by temporary appointment by the President of the Lodge with the approval of the Executive Board. lf more than half of the vacant term remains an election will be held as soon as possible to fill the vacancy.

(a) When an elected salaried officer is absent for a period greater than ninety (90) days, the next in succession or appointed member shall assume the responsibilities of the position along with the salary in Article X.

(b) Upon return, the elected salaried officer must be able to perform their duties for a minimum of ninety (90) days in order to resume their salary in Article X.


Section 1.

The membership of the Local shall be comprised of personnel approved by the Grand Lodge and accepted by the membership.

Section 2. 

It shall be the duty of each member to keep his or dues paid up to date and attend the meetings of the lodge.

Section 3. 

Any member entering the lodge room under the influence of liquor or narcotics, or who shall use indecent or profane language or who persistently disturbs the meeting and refuses to obey the orders of the presiding officers, shall be liable to a reprimand or fine in accordance with the IAM Constitution.


Section 1. 

The following officers of this lodge shall receive a salary as designated by this section:

(a) The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive $1 75.00 per month. The President shall receive $100.00 per month. The Recording Secretary shall receive $100.00 per month.

(b) Grievance Chairpersons and Grievance Committeepersons shall be paid an amount equal to their monthly dues for each monthly meeting attended, provided they remain in attendance until the meeting is adjourned or are excused for valid reason.

(c) All remaining Executive Board members not listed in Section 1. (a) or (b) of this Article will receive an amount equal to monthly dues for each monthly meeting attended, provided they remain in attendance until the meeting is adjourned or are excused for valid reason.

This remuneration shall be submitted quarterly (March, June, September, December) following attendance verification by the Recording Secretary.

Section 2. 

Members of committees appointed or elected and authorized by the lodge incurring expense of the loss of time in performance of duty shall be reimbursed to the extent of such loss or expense. Members appointed or elected to serve as Tellers during an election or referendum vote that does not incur loss of wages in the performance of their duty, shall be paid an amount not to exceed one hundred ($100.00) dollars for each such service.

Section 3. 

Members elected to attend any convention, conference, meeting, school or negotiating committee, shall be allowed public transportation or mileage allowance for each private automobile used, at the approved Grand Lodge rate and subsistence allowance at the prevailing rate per diem, plus hotel accommodations (single occupancy) and any loss of wages incurred during travel to and from and attendance at any of the above functions.

Section 4. 

The Committee Chairmen and Conductor/Sentinel shall be paid an amount equal to their monthly dues provided they attend the regular meeting each month and remain in attendance until the meeting is adjourned or is excused for valid reason.

Section 5. 

Members elected or appointed to attend one day out of state or interstate training or special meeting will be entitled to an incidental allowance of $20.00 per day.

Section 6. 

This Local shall provide cell phones and pay the service for its principal officers; President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Secretary-Treasurer which shall be used to conduct union business.


Section 1.

 No officer or member of this lodge shall use the name of or the property of it for any purpose other than designated by the IAM Constitution and these bylaws, unless special authorization is given by the lodge. Any violation of this section shall be punished as prescribed in accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Section 2. 

Rules of Order, Motion, Debate, etc shall be governed by the rules or order for local lodge established in the IAM Constitution. 


Section 1.

Any increase in the amount of initiation and reinstatement fees, Emergency Funds, and Local Lodge dues must be handled on the basis of the procedures specified in the IAM Constitution.

Any other amendments to these bylaws must be handled on the basis of the following procedures:

(a) All proposals must be in writing, signed by not less than five (5) members, and referred to a Bylaws Committee appointed by the President.

(b) Must be read as proposed at two (2) consecutive meetings. Immediately following the second reading, the Bylaws Committee shall submit their recommendations.

(c) Reasonable advance notice must be given to the membership of the time, date and place of the second reading, and vote to be taken on the Bylaws Committee's recommendations.

(d) Each proposal must be considered and voted upon separately.

A majority affirmative vote by those present and voting is needed for adoption.

(e) One copy of approved proposals, together with the master copy of bylaws shall be referred to the lnternational President for approval and designation of an effective date.

Section 2. 

Nothing in these bylaws shall be construed or applied in a manner that will conflict with the provisions of the IAM Constitution. All matters arising and not specifically covered by these bylaws shall be governed by the IAM Constitution.


The Order of Business shall be as follows:

1. Moment of Silence. 

2. Pledge to Flag. 

3. Roll call of officers and noting of absenteeism. 

4. New applications. 

5. Report of committees on applications and acting on same. 

6. lnitiations. 

7. Reading of minutes and acting on same. 

8. lnstallation of officers. 

9. Examination and introduction of visiting members. 

10. Reports of F.S. and Treasurer, or S.T., including receipts and disbursements since the close of last meeting. 

11. Communications, bills, etc. 

12. Reports of committees. 

13. Anything for the good of the IAM and discussion of subjects of an economic nature. 

14. Unfinished business. 

15. New business. Election of officers. 

16. Report of sick and disabled members and of relief committees. 

17. Reports of members out of work and positions vacant. 

18. Adjournment.


Section 1. 

All questions unless otherwise provided, shall be decided in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

Section 2. 

These bylaws shall become effective on the first day of their acceptance by this and the Grand Lodge.


Section 1.

The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Conductor/Sentinel, Trustees. The President of this Lodge shall be the Chairperson of the Board and the Recording Secretary shall be the Secretary of the Executive Board.

Section 2.

A minimum of five (5) members shall constitute a quorum for Executive Board meetings.

Section 3.

The Executive Board shall conduct its business in a methodical and businesslike way, keeping a record of its proceedings and otherwise conducting its affairs according to the principles reflected by the IAM Constitution.

Section 4. 

The Executive Board shall meet the last Tuesday of the month prior to the regular monthly meeting to transact any and all business referred to it by this lodge.  Notification of the exact date and time of the meeting will be announced by the Chairperson of the Board. The Chairperson and the Secretary of the Board may call a special meeting by notifying all members of the Board.

Section 5. 

It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to deliberate upon all matters referred to it by this lodge and all other matters coming to its attention for the good and welfare of the lodge, and as soon as possible thereafter report its recommendations to the lodge.

Section 6. 

ln the event any member of the Executive Board absents him or herself from three (3) regular Executive Board meetings in a rolling twelve (12) month period without being excused therefore, and if there is no controversy as to the refusal to excuse being proper, such officer shall be deemed to have resigned his/her office. The vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Article Vlll, Section 7 of these bylaws.  Members of the Executive Board shall not be paid an expense or salary they would normally be entitled to under these bylaws in any month in which they are absent from three (3) meetings in a rolling twelve (12) month period without proper excuse.


Section 1.

All officers, employees, orother individuals in this local lodge who are responsible for, or handle funds of or for the lodge, shall be bonded in accordance with the lAM Constitution and the IAM policy relating thereto.


Robert Martinez, Jr.


Approved: 6-7-2023

Effective: 6-1-2023